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Dance Specialties offered in West Norriton, PA


L.A. Dance Galaxy based in West Norriton, Pennsylvania, offers a variety of Dance Classes, as well as Dance Specialties such as Competition Teams, "Galaxy Activity Night", and Birthday Parties. All Dance Instruction at our Dance School is offered in a friendly and supportive environment.
Ballerina Tying Pointe — Dance Specialties in West Norriton, PA
Group Of Dancer — Dance Specialties in West Norriton, PA
Competition Teams
The "Love for Dance" is obvious with these special groups. Disciplined, motivated, and continually challenging themselves, these teams do various competitions and community events in addition to their recital. Competing is a wonderful way to grow as a dancer and as a person.
Competition provides an opportunity to gain more discipline, respect, pride and confidence. Students are increasingly motivated to perfect their technique, style, and talent. The competition team may take an unlimited number of classes weekly for a set rate.
OPPORTUNITIES…for Recitals, Competitions, Specialty Workshops, Community Performances, Private Instruction, Preparation for College Auditions; “Galaxy Activity Nights”,” Bring A Friend Week” and more…
Get The Edge” Conditioning Workshop
Offered to Ages 8 and older. Workshop focuses on improving Core Muscle (Back, Abdomen Buttocks) Strength, Flexibility, Turn-out & Balance. Strong emphasis on Pilates.
Stars Performance Ensemble: This group of Dancers Performs at Community Events, Parades, Sports Events, Theme Parks, Assisted Living Homes & more! Open to Dancers age 8 & older.
Girl Scout Troops: Call us to Customize a Badge Earning Session in Dance / Fitness.
Birthday Parties: Party can be custom designed. Examples include, but are not limited to, Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Creative Movement & Fitness. “Theme” Parties such as Princesses, Disney, etc., are always a hit! Party goers learn various dance moves/styles & 2 - 3 Dance Routines. Lots of Games and Activities. Activity room is decorated by our Staff. Our 2nd room is used for refreshments provided by client.
Guests will receive a Studio Gift Certificate.