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Dance Classes in West Norriton, PA


L.A. Dance Galaxy based in West Norriton, Pennsylvania, is a Professional Dance School offering classes including Ballet, Lyrical, Pointe, Praise, Hip-Hop, Modern Contemporary, Tap and Jazz. Our Teachers are highly qualified, motivating, and caring individuals who build character and self-esteem within the Dancers.

Child Creative Movement

Young children are full of energy, curiosity and creativity. This program channels their energy, improves concentration, and develops coordination and confidence by offering ballet, tap, and jazz techniques in coordination with props, creative play, and games. Ages 3 – 6
Young Kids on Ballet Class — Hip-Hop Dance in West Norriton, PA
Children Dancing — Hip-Hop Dance in West Norriton, PA

Extended Combination

Ideal for the student that wants all types of dance in a single class. This class includes fundamentals of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. It is an extension of child creative movement. Ages 6 – 9


Ballet technique consists of stylized positions and movement. This form was formulated over 300 years ago and remains a predominant dance form. Classes are very structured with a focus on proper body placement, flexibility, strength, control, terminology, and performance of individual steps and routines with precision and grace. Ages 7 and Up


Lyrical is an expressive, ballet and/or jazz-based form of dance in which lyrics are interpreted through movement. Students are encouraged to tell a story or portray certain emotions through their dancing. Ages 7 and Up


Pointe is offered to students who have obtained proper strength and balance and have sufficient background in demi-pointe. A demi-pointe ballet class must be taken along with pointe. Ages 11 and Up


This class combines the dynamics of ballet, modern and jazz styles with the dramatic arts exemplifying a "modest" example with inspirational music. Ages 8 to Adult.


The ability to isolate movements of the head, shoulders, ribcage, and pelvis is central to jazz dancing. Expressing these isolations and distortions of the human form leads to many different styles. This dance form features movements reflecting the flavor of everyday life and forms of classical elegance, as well as primitive and theatrical forms. Many styles evolved from the basis of ballet.


Hip-Hop is reflected in many music videos and continues to grow in popularity for children, teens and adults. Ages 5 1/2 and Up

Modern / Contemporary

Contemporary, or modern, dance, is a product of the 20th Century. It incorporates some of the traditions and movements related to classical ballet and to ethnic forms. Modern extends the performing range of its body instruments and has adopted a very different use of movement. Ages 8 and Up


This class places an emphasis on footwork and expression of rhythm through sound. It includes barre and floor warm-ups, and short combinations progressing to full routines. Different styles are taught. Ages 7 and Up

Musical Theater

This class incorporates various genres of dance, as well as a touch of singing and acting. Choreography is created to show tunes and musicals from years ago to current times. Ages 8 and Up

Where Integrity & Traditional Values Matter
  • A Teaching Atmosphere based on the Spirit of Integrity & Development of Dancer's Confidence.
  • Teaching the Importance of good Character & Life Skills.
  • Straightforward & Honest Communication on Dancer's Progress
  • Friendly, Patient & Approachable Director & Teachers
  • Affordable rates for Tuition & Costumes
  • Family Discounts
  • Periodic Parent Observation
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